Hilal Ahmad Khan, born in Kashmir is a founding member of Callisto Art and Culture, Kashmir. He works as a Director for World Through Art, an global initiative to connect artists. Hilal Ahmad Khan is an interdisciplinary visual artist whose work critically assesses the contemporary composition of living – from political simulation to capitalistic allocation. He has participated in different national and international exhibitions and workshops. He was the co-curator of, Processual, a new media art exhibition, in New Delhi, India, 2017. Hilal Ahmad Khan has completed his BA, B.Ed., and BFA from Kashmir University, Srinagar. He also completed his masters by research in Art and Design Studies (MAADS) from Beacon House National University, Lahore, Pakistan in 2016. Currently, Hilal Ahmad Khan is a doctoral candidate (M.Phil/Ph.D) at
Department of Art History and Art Appreciation, Faculty of Fine Arts, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, India.

His research investigates the overlapping dimensions of new technologies, visual arts and aesthetics. His current research investigates the developments in visual technology and its advancements in visual arts infrastructure, specifically in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh often represented and interpreted as South Asia. Hilal contemplates the relationship between corporations and the visual arts emerging from the post-independence of these nations. He argues that a new collective subject emerges through the mechanization of different funding initiatives and international policies, creating different qualities and identities of the contemporary condition. His primary focus is to intervene through art works that reflect the diverse dimensionality of what constitutes an artwork and its display as well as its intersection with electronics and emerging technologies.