Hira Sohail (b. 1995) is an art educator and visual artist based in Lahore.
She completed her undergraduate studies in Visual Art from Beaconhouse National University (BNU), Lahore in 2019. Her art education practice involves working with school art teachers, children with special needs, and individuals from low-income families and culturally diverse populations. She has been teaching philosophy to children at Jahan e Jahanara – a cultural centre for children and the elderly, established in an oasis of historical trees and a bird sanctuary within a century old building. In 2020 she started studying Fresco Mughal Painting and Miniature Painting at Hast o Neest.

Hira Sohail is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is a form of a contemplative practice that uses experimental approaches to installation and painting. Her projects are deeply invested in the idea of creating spaces of sanctuary in an unstable world. Her visual language is informed by geometry, architectural symbolism, anthropology and utilitarian domestic crafts. She works with media including indigo, artisanal fabrics, rare handmade papers, typewriter and handloom weaving. Using diverse mediums, she intends to create meticulously handcrafted objects that bear witness to her lived experience as an artist while simultaneously communicating aspects of her upbringing in a religiously conservative household.