My practice deals with how art and media is being perceived in the 21st century. With the rise of social media, everything is being looked at through it’s lens and it has transformed everything that we knew before. I tend to work with text to explore the human connections that emerge as a result of the increased use of technology. I intend to address the notions of public and the private, especially because social media has given a new dimension to fundamental experiences ranging from religion to dating.

Born in Lahore in 1995, Mariam Waheed is a visual artist with a BFA from the School of Visual Arts at Beaconhouse University in 2019. She graduated with distinction and was mentioned in the Dean’s honour’s list. She was the recipient of merit based scholarship during her BFA. Waheed’s source of inspiration revolves around social media and everyday reality of our contemporary time. With the use of photography and digital medium, her work addresses the manner in which digital media has taken over and transformed our current reality. She currently works and resides in Lahore, Pakistan.