Charlotte Jeanningros is a French artist, she graduated from a Master of Fine Art at the National School of Art (ENSA) in Dijon. Her practice revolves around images, photos and videos. She is currently living and continuing her work in China, where she join the International PhD in Fine Arts program of Shanghai Academy of Fine Art – Shanghai University. Her research focuses on “The construction of reality through the notion of time in French and Chinese documentary photographic art from 1990 to 2010”, and aims to enlighten the way in which time and experience have an influence on the artists’ approach and pushes them to find artistic alternatives to respond to the various constraints imposed by time.

In our time, when the gap between rural and urban is widening and where a single status is no longer enough to define an individual, Charlotte Jeanningros is interested in the paradoxes generated by mutating territories and the models of our contemporary society. She looks at the current lifestyles, in connection with the evolution of the practices that compose them. Her approach explores the notions of memory, time, representation… while seeking to reveal the links existing between multiple localities, and by letting us glimpse their future. The creative process is long and immersive, in order to understand these environments and convey the complexity of the relationships that individuals have with places. She uses images to record her experiences in the different contexts that she comes across on a daily basis, and then associates them with explorations of forms. In this way, she questions the medium but also the artist’s approach and vision towards her subject.