Twenty years of professional experience managing, coordinating and implementing multicultural practice based-research projects, including intervention focusing on early childhood and lifelong education. Keynote speaker at forum and conferences on SDG4 (Education), art and design education. He has trained staff and partners in adopting an art/design mindset. Some of his articles are published on Technoetic Arts Journal by Intellect books. His art is based on daily Shambhala meditation practice. Module Leader and Visual Communication Lecturer at Birmingham Institute of Fashion & Creative Art (BIFCA) Faculty of Arts, Design and Media Wuhan Textile University & Birmingham City University, PhDc University of Plymouth, UK; Resident Artist Thai – Italian Chamber of Commerce.

Often Design education teaches to the new generation about the world but a little about themselves – By extrapolating elements from early art and design education experiments, pre-post the second world war in western countries like the UK and the US. From 1937 Frederick Kiesler Laboratory for Design Correlation at Columbia University, 1960 experiments called ‘situational’ at what is now the Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design (UK), to 1961 – 1964, experiments conducted in Roy Ascott ‘Groundcourse’ at Ealing Art College in London. My practice-based research is developed in the Asia-Pacific area and integrates body movement and time. Here, emotions are translated into intangible/visible elements, which help enhance self-reflection and engage in collective awareness. These actions foster the physicality of knowledge as a set of automatisms incorporated in the body.